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Johnson County residents deserve healthier, safer places to live in multi-unit housing. Secondhand smoke can travel through air ducts and corridors endangering residents, pets and especially children.

Kansas state law protects residents from secondhand smoke in public places, but the law does not include living units in multi-dwelling places like apartments, duplexes and condos. As a result many renters are looking for smoke-free housing and they are willing to pay more and travel more just to find cleaner, healthier homes for themselves and their families.


A short video about Johnson County smoke-free dwellings can be inserted here if approved by the client.

“Smoke-free living is my top amenity when searching for housing in Johnson County. I want a clean, healthy home where I feel safe in all ways.”

Heidi Scarsella
Johnson County Renter


Smoke-free housing is popular and profitable.

Property owners have the legal right to make their buildings and properties smoke-free. And residents in Johnson County are asking for smoke-free living.

Smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing are a win-win… protecting the health of JOCO residents and protecting owner investments.

Healthy Everywhere

Here’s more information on healthy living where you work, where you live, where you eat as well as how to prevent chronic diseases. Livewell Johnson County is about working together to make the healthy choice the easy choice.