Getting Started


The proven steps to take are listed below. The landlord guide helps you implement a smoke-free policy.

Going Smoke-Free – A Guide for Landlords

STEP ONE – Survey and Educate Your Residents

Sample letter, survey and how to talk with your residents.

STEP TWO – Create a Policy and Modify Your Lease

Model Smoke-free Lease Addendum

STEP THREE – Set a Smoke-Free Date

Sample Timeline

6-12 Months Out Send residents a notification letter.

1-2 Months Out Post smoke-free property signage.

2-4 Weeks Out Post effective date signage.

Have all new residents and renewing leases have signed the smoke-free policy

STEP FOUR – Post Signs and Remind Residents

Signs are a reminder that a policy is coming. They can be posted in common areas and around the property. Send out a reminder letter to residents a few days prior to the policy going into effect. Post signs at the entrances to the buildings and anywhere else on your property where you want to ensure that no smoking occurs.

Sample Notification and Reminder

STEP FIVE – Enforce Your Policy

Set up an enforcement protocol with management, staff and contractors. Then you can enforce your smoke-free policy the way you would any other lease violation.

STEP SIX – List Your Smoke-Free Property Online for Free!

Register and add your property details. After we receive your registration, we will review and let you know when it is approved and posted.



If you have any questions, please get in touch with us!

Adapted from Live Smoke Free,